Follow up Regarding GPS on the iPhone 3G Discussion

June 16, 2008

in iPhone,Tech

I wanted to give you an update to my discussion about GPS vs A-GPS. Gizmodo put out a post this weekend where they address some of the questions that I brought up. The first question was if the GPS chip in the iPhone 3G was capable of operating on its own with out the help of the Assistance Servers? Gizmodo reports that if the network connection is available the GPS chip will use it. However the chip alone is capable of stand alone operation. The question still remains if you can’t get a cell signal where are the maps coming from, not Google Maps. The second question was if this type of implementation would allow for 3rd party developers to write applications that can provide real time location information? According to the post “There’s a restriction in the SDK that prohibits developers from using the phone for “real time route guidance”” but mentions that TomTom claims to have an application already up and running on the phone.


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