Wii Fit

June 14, 2008

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Okay if you have been following me on Twitter then you know that I picked up a Wii Fit last Sunday at the local Toys-R-Us here in Little Rock. Unfortunately I was not able to hook it up until Thursday night. I have put in about an hour total so far on it. My initial impression is positive. I have enjoyed playing/exercising on it although I have developed what I have come to call Wii Fit soreness. When you first start up the Fit it logs your weight, height, and age. Using this information your “Wii Fit Age” is calculated. You are then asked to set a goal of weight lose or gain and a time frame to complete it in. Basically there are four categories: Yogo, Strength Training, Aerobic, Balance Games. Each category has a subset of activities unlocked from beginning. In order to unlock the additional activities only requires putting in time exercising. I set my goal at 5 pounds in a month. The real question is if the Fit is engaging enough to hold me interest. This is the problem that I run into with most video games and consoles. Its my love for technology that makes me want to make the purchase, not the rich game play. I’ll let you know if I reach my first goal.


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