iPhone 3G Thoughts

June 14, 2008

in iPhone,Tech

I know that there is a ton of posts regarding the new iPhone 3G. However I still feel compelled to comment on it. Let me say that I am a current iPhone user. But I waited till my old phone was having problems before buying my current iPhone and I am not a Mac Fan boy. This was my first Apple product purchase. I have been very pleased with my current phone despite the fact I thought that it should have shipped with 3G and GPS chip. This being said, I could not wait to hear the details of the 3G announcement and had set aside money to run out and buy the new iPhone 3G. I found myself monitoring the macrummors.com blog during Steve Jobs’s keynote. After the keynote I was left feeling letdown , a bit upset, and a little confused. I am excited that the new phone will have 3G and GPS but really was expecting more. I am looking forward to the application store but this is not new news. The hardware is basically the same. The camera really could stand to be updated. Though I have read posts from people stating that the camera takes better pictures than most camera phones, I have not been able to get many clear shots because my hands shake slightly. I was expecting a larger capacity drive. I can currently get all my music and podcasts on the 8GB model. However if I want to store some videos for my 3 year old son to watch while waiting for a table at a restaurant, I have to plan ahead and move something off first. Additionally I would really like to be able to store files on my drive so I don’t have to carry a seperate USB memory stick. How hard would this be to implement? Not very I am sure. I am sure this is just a firmware update. Then I find out that my data plan with AT&T is going up to $30.00 and I am loosing my text messages from the plan. Man, kick me while I am down. Lastly I thought I understood the concept of assisted GPS. I have read mixture of information that makes me second guess my understanding. So I will be researching this and posting what I find here. Let me know what your thoughts are on the new iPhone 3G. I love to hear other perspectives.


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